Release day and giveaway! Hartley’s Grange by Nicole Hurley-Moore

It’s release day for Nicole Hurley-Moore!
Hartley’s Grange is out now and there’s an excerpt to read and a giveaway.

(Giveaway open to Australian postal addressees only. Giveaway ends Midnight AEST Monday 1st February 2016.)


Hartley's Grange by Nicole Hurley-MooreCan love change a bad boy’s ways?

On the very same day Lily Beckett is betrayed by a colleague she’s horrified to discover her long-term boyfriend is having an affair.

Totally devastated, she quits her job in fashion and breaks off their relationship… Fleeing the city, Lily heads for sanctuary with her big sister, Violet, who lives in the country with her daughter Holly. But bad luck comes in threes when Lily has a car accident on the way. Thankfully she’s not badly injured and local grazier, Flynn Hartley, arrives on the scene and looks after her…

Life gradually picks up for Lily. She enjoys living with Violet and Holly, and decides to stay for a while, designing clothes while renovating the beautiful old shop she inherited…In the months that follow Flynn showers Lily with attention and it’s clear he’s falling for her. But Lily’s aware of Flynn’s ‘bad boy’ reputation and doesn’t want to risk further heartbreak…..

From bestselling author Nicole Hurley-Moore, Hartley’s Grange is an inspirational story about a woman pursuing her dreams and taking charge of her future.

Over to Nicole…

When I wrote McKellan’s Run I developed a little crush on Mac’s best friend Flynn Hartley. Flynn was funny, a larrikin and sexy as hell. Consequently, as I couldn’t get him out of my head I decided the he needed his very own story.

Hartley’s Grange is set in the fictional town of Violet Falls and centres around Flynn as he attempts to win over the heart of Lily Beckett. Up until now, Flynn has been known as a player. He’s never allowed his emotions to get tangled up with anyone else’s. But when Lily Beckett arrives back in town he finds himself in danger of falling in love for the first time.

Lily thought she had it all until the day her life crashed and burned. So she’s running back to her big sister Violet, to lick her wounds before trying to get herself back together. She’s pretty much sworn off men for good… well, at least for a while and the last thing she needs is the town’s sexy womanizer chasing after her.

Lily knows that she shouldn’t even be contemplating the idea of her and Flynn but the problem is that he can be so damn tempting. She’s been burnt by love and Flynn doesn’t do commitment – so realistically where does that leave them?

Besides, can love really change a bad boy’s ways?

I really enjoyed writing Hartley’s Grange, partly because of my hero and heroine and partly because the town of Violet Falls is inspired by the landscape of where I live in Central Victoria.

So once again I’m heading back to Violet Falls and I hope that you’ll join me. 🙂


Excerpt from Harley’s Grange by Nicole Nicole Hurley-Moore

Foul was the only way to describe the weather, thought Flynn Hartley. When he’d got up this morning the air had been warm, heavy and filled with the scent of wattle and dust. The sky had been clear but he could feel a storm was coming.

Sometimes he hated when he was right. He’d driven down to Kyneton to pick up a part for his tractor. He could have paid for them to deliver the parts but he’d been working like a Trojan for the past week so the outing was a welcome change. He’d ended up running into a mate in Kyneton and it wasn’t until sometime after three that he’d decided he better head home. Soon after the rain had whipped up and an almighty storm was unleashed.

By the time Flynn had made it back from the pub to his ute he was soaked through. Not the best way to start his journey home. The rain dripped down his collar and seeped through his jeans. Great – just great.

Flynn frowned as he peered through the windscreen. The storm was getting even worse. Just as he reached the turn off for Violet Falls, he saw a little red car in the distance trying to make its way through the rain and the winding road.

The sky lit up with lightning and the blackish clouds seemed to simmer as they tumbled over each other. Flynn eased back on the accelerator. There was no point trying to push it, not in weather like this.

He’d just crested the hill when he saw the roo bound into the middle of the road. The red car ahead braked, snaked and then spun out of control before it slammed into a white post.


Flynn slowed down as he neared the other car then flicked on his indicator and pulled over to the side of the road.

Thunder crackled overhead and the rain bucketed down as Flynn ran towards the car. The back of it was crumpled where it had hit the post and the wheel looked as if it was on an angle. He yanked open the door, calling out, ‘Are you alright? Are you hurt?’

A girl was leaning over the steering wheel, her knuckles white from the grip she had on it. He couldn’t see her face but her body was trembling with shock. ‘Miss, miss are you hurt?’

The woman shook her head, her brown hair flicking across her shoulders. ‘No,’ she said, though her body was starting to shake.

‘You’ve had a fright, everything is going to be okay,’ Flynn said gently.

The woman sniffed and turned to look at him. Her big brown eyes were wide with fear and tears were pouring down her cheeks. He recognised her now. It was Lily Beckett. He’d run into her a few months back when she’d been visiting her sister, Violet.

‘Lily? Aw damn it, Lily don’t cry. You’re going to be alright,’ he said, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around her.


‘Yeah, that’s me.’

‘Oh Flynn, thank God,’ she said, shuddering.

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Hartley's Grange by Nicole Hurley-MooreHartley’s Grange is available in eBook and paperback from all good retailers.
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Nicole is offering one reader the chance to win a signed paperback copy of Hartley’s Grange.
Simply leave a comment below for Nicole and you’re in the draw.
Good luck!

(Giveaway open to Australian postal addressees only. Giveaway ends Midnight AEST Monday 1st February 2016.)

and the winner is: Dorothy!

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60 thoughts on “Release day and giveaway! Hartley’s Grange by Nicole Hurley-Moore

  1. I love Australian Rural Romance. The best bit about it for me (apart from the romance) is the names of places, shows the characters might be watching on TV that we the readers watch, and aussie icons and references to the footy etc. Did the picture selected for your cover match up to the character of Flynn you had in your head Nicole?

  2. This excerpt has me really intrigued already! Sounds like it’s going to be a ripper read when I get to it – you lovely RR authors have so many great sounding new books, I can’t keep up!

  3. Looks like I will have to go and get mckellens run first. I do love when books carry on to others.
    Another Aussie author to add to my collection.

  4. I love to read especially these types of books. Would love a giveaway of this book which sounds amazing. once I get a taste of it I won’t be able to stop myself from buying the whole lot. They are so addictive ☺️☺️

  5. Your new book sounds great Nicole – think i might need to move to Violet falls! Love little country towns this one sounds like it has some worthwile reasons to visit what a shame it isn’t ‘real’ lol

  6. I regularly read Australian rural romance books I have several authors I adore and Nicole you are tops I loved your last book and my tongue is hanging out for your next book. ,,, ,Dorothy

  7. I loved McKellan’s Run, I can’t wait to read more about Violet Falls and Mr sexpot Flynn!
    (I tried to post this earlier…not sure if it worked, so I’m posting it again)

  8. Ohh, I’m hooked I can’t wait to read this one and find out what happens between Flynn and Lily.
    Congratulations on the new book and look forward to many more to come.

  9. Australia seems to be leading the charge in romance writing and I get such a thrill to go into book shops and see the huge selection of our home grown talent. Nicole, we are in safe hands with your writing. I can see and smell places I’ve never been. And as for smoking hot Flynn. So glad we get the chance to learn more about him

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