If Wishes Were Horses by Karly Lane

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If Wishes Were Horses by Karly Lane

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Already struggling to come to terms with the tragic death of her husband, Sophie Bryant nearly loses her own life while attending a domestic dispute as a paramedic. Diagnosed with a mild form of post-traumatic stress disorder, Sophie decides to accept a posting to the remote township of Hilsons Ridge.

Soon after her arrival, Sophie decides on a whim to buy an old house on the outskirts of town. There, she discovers the diary of a light horse trooper from the First World War, which she finds fascinating.

Local vet, Zac Conway, is also struggling in the wake of losing his life partner. So when Sophie brings an abandoned horse to him for treatment and they get to know each other, Zac is surprised to feel emotions he never hoped to experience again.

The peace and tranquillity of living in her new community sees Sophie gradually recovering from her trauma and grief. As she discovers more about her farm’s history, she realises that the past and the present are irrevocably connected and, just like love, it waits for the right person to come along to unlock its secrets.

If Wishes Were Horses is a totally captivating novel combining romance and history with a dash of suspense.

A word from Karly

My new book, If Wishes Were Horses, was one of those magical plots that came to me and demanded to be written. I amazed even myself by writing this book in about four months.

The inspiration behind the story, came to me while I was at our local ANZAC parade and happened to glance across the street to see a young man who was part of the re-enactment, dressed up in the Light horse uniform of WW1 walking from the old pub that was built in 1912, which would have been a brand new building back in 1914 and throughout the following war years. It was as though I’d stepped back in time for a split second, and I knew that I wanted to write a book based on the Light Horse.

That was all I knew when I started writing. The light horse story unfolded as a backstory in the book with paramedic, Sophie Bryant, taking the lead role and quickly following was a brumby named Cobber.







Through writing this book, I discovered a love of our wild bush horses, and have since become involved in the Heritage Horse association, adding two of these magnificent creatures to my little herd. I had no idea this book would be such a life changer!

I’ve included an excerpt from the book, one that is in honour of a couple of my favourite things in life; coffee… and Tim Tams. I hope you enjoy reading If Wishes Were Horses, as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Excerpt from If Wishes Were Horses by Karly Lane

The first of her meagre possessions she’d packed in her car before driving out was her espresso machine, and seeing she was staying in the pub and had nowhere to use it, she’d brought it into work. There was no way she was sacrificing decent coffee.

‘Wow, this is a bit fancy,’ Katie said, happily accepting the cup Sophie offered. ‘Looks like you need a day’s training to work it.’

‘It’s not as complicated as it looks.’ Sophie patted the silver machine lovingly.

‘If you say so, but I think I’ll stick to takeaway from Betsy’s down the street when you’re not on shift.’

Katie took out the packet of Tim Tams from the fridge and they sat down at the table. She slid the packet across to Sophie then proceeded to bite each end off the chocolate biscuit and lean over her mug to slurp her coffee through the biscuit like a straw, before popping the entire thing in her mouth with a satisfied grin.

‘What are you doing?’ Sophie asked with a puzzled frown.

‘What? You’ve never done a Tim Tam slam before?’

‘A what?’

‘Oh my God, what do you people do down there? You can’t eat a Tim Tam and not slam it. It’s just … unnatural.’

Sophie eyed Katie hesitantly but took one of the chocolate biscuits from the packet as she was instructed.

‘You bite off the ends and suck it up, but you have to be quick, before it melts,’ she warned. ‘Then you slam the rest of the biscuit into your mouth and wait for the magic to happen.’

‘Alright,’ Sophie said, already doubtful that this would be the life-changing event Katie clearly thought it was going to be. Sophie leaned over her cup, feeling like an idiot as she attempted to suck through the rather odd kind of straw. It took a few seconds before the coffee came through.

‘Take it out now, quick! Before it falls apart!’ Katie said, leaning across the table like an over-eager coach. ‘Slam it!’

Sophie quickly removed the now alarmingly soggy biscuit and shoved it in her mouth, then closed her eyes as a sudden explosion of gooey chocolate filled her mouth. ‘Sweet baby Jesus,’ she murmured before opening her eyes.

‘Right?’ Katie said with a smug grin as she sat back in her chair.

Sophie reached across and took another biscuit, repeating the steps and staring at her cup with a disbelieving shake of her head.

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2 thoughts on “If Wishes Were Horses by Karly Lane

  1. I loved reading this truly magnificent book. My great uncle was a light horseman in the fist world war. The way you have written this book it feels like you are right there. I found it very hard to put down. I was enthralled the whole time reading it. Thank you Karla for this magnificent book. Can’t wait for the next one.❤❤

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