Where the Murray River Runs by Darry Fraser

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Where the Murray River Runs

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A nineteenth-century story of greed, honour and an overwhelming love

Bendigo 1890

Ard O’Rourke is Linley Seymour’s perfect man. They’ve known each other since they were children and she has never wanted anyone else. But when she discovers Ard has fathered a child with another woman, her dreams turn to dust.

Then fate takes a hand. Linley and her Aunt Cee Cee run a women’s refuge and Linley finds herself unexpectedly and painfully the guardian of Ard’s baby: a child that needs her protection from the greed-filled schemes of a violent man.

Ard knows he has no hope with Linley and decides to follow his own path: one that brings him close to redemption. But when he learns Linley and the child are in danger, his own child at that, he cannot stop himself speeding to their aid.

Will he prevail? Can Linley find it in her heart to forgive him? Or will their love come to nothing at the hands of a violent man?

A compulsively readable historical adventure, set on the banks of the mighty Murray River.

Excerpt from Where the Murray River Runs by Darry Fraser

Linley scooped up Toby, took a candle from CeeCee and crunched her way back into the parlour. The cot stood in the corner completely free of the carnage around it.

‘Check it for glass or broken china,’ CeeCee ordered from the door.

Linley swiped her hand quickly, lightly over its covers. ‘It’s clean, not been touched at all.’ She lowered the baby and tucked him in, cooed some nonsense and rocked the cradle. ‘It’s all right, it’s all right.’

It was far from all right. CeeCee felt her knees go, and she slipped a little in the doorway. Her face pounded where the man’s forearm had slammed her, her stomach pained with a bruise wait- ing to come out and her arms ached from the weight of her pot throwing.

The pot.

‘Linley, go back outside and get the pot.’



‘But you’re—’

‘Get the pot. It’s a weapon.’ She turned to face the front door, dipping her head in its direction.

Linley stepped around her aunt, laid her hand briefly, softly on her shoulder and rushed to the front door. She pulled it open ready to run through.

A large form loomed in the doorway, a hand raised at the level of her head.

Linley screamed. The baby’s enraged squeal emitted from the parlour.

CeeCee turned too quickly to stop the gasp of agony as she focused on who stood in the doorway.

She finally let go and slid to the floor.

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