Is This The Final Muller’s Field Series Story by Cheryl Adnams?

We’re delighted to reveal the cover and release date for Cheryl Adnams’ new rural romance

Cheryl says Handpicked is the third and final installment in the Muller’s Field series, but we’ll wait and see, shall we? The series has been much loved and we may demand more!

He who falls last, falls twice as hard. Has the last bachelor of Muller’s Field finally met his match?

Andrew Muller has always enjoyed the single life. But now that his older brothers have found the loves of their lives, he’s beginning to see that being a one-woman man might have some benefits after all. But has he missed his chance?

Taryn McArthur loves her independent life of travel and working on the harvest trail. Some of her most treasured memories are the years spent at Muller’s Field vineyard with her father. At eleven years of age, her young heart fluttered when Andrew stole her first kiss from her. On her return to Muller’s Field to help with handpicking the grapes, she is thrilled to discover that Andrew has grown into a very attractive man.

Andrew is immediately entranced by her beauty and adventurous nature and while she is receptive to his advances, they both know that their romance can only be a short-term thing.

When Taryn’s secret life catches up with her Andrew must make a decision that will alter his easygoing life forever.

The smallest things in life can often make the biggest difference.

Handpicked will be released on 1st March 2017 and is now up for pre-order on Amazon and will be up on iTunes, Kobo and other ebook platforms by January 1st. Keep checking updates on Cheryl’s website for more pre-order links from your preferred eRetailer.


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