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Diamond Sky

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The isolated beauty of the Kimberley can be deadly if you’re not paying attention…

The remote Matsu diamond mine in the Kimberley is the perfect place for engineer Dru Porter to hide. The vast and rugged landscape helps her feel invisible. And safe. Surely the terror she left behind in Dubai will never find her here?

Security specialist Connor Kirk knows from experience that beautiful women are capable of treachery. Arriving at Matsu to investigate a diamond theft, he immediately suspects the reclusive but obviously capable Dru Porter. He knows she’s hiding something.

As Connor’s investigation deepens and Dru’s past catches up with her, their instant, mutual dislike threatens to blind them to the true danger lurking in the mine, one which could leave them both at the mercy of the desert…

A few words from Annie Seaton

The East Kimberley in Western Australia is one of the most remote and beautiful locations in Australia. In 2015, as part of a road trip to the west, we took a flight over the Purnululu National Park (more often known as the Bungle Bungles) and into the Argyle Diamond Mine. As I listened to our guide talking about security, the idea for Diamond Sky was born. Dru Porter, the youngest of the Porter sisters had her own story.  In this book, I take a little detour overseas and Dru also travels to Dubai and Antwerp. I hope you enjoy reading the final book in the Porter Sisters series. Here is a little taster for you…

Excerpt from Diamond Sky by Annie Seaton

5.30pm Friday

 Matsu Diamond Mine

Dru turned and buried her face in the pillow with a groan. Her eyes were gritty and her throat was dry. Opening one eye she lifted her head and squinted at the clock.

A quick swim in the pool and she’d still have time to shower and grab a quick dinner before she met the guys. A bit of fun would take her mind off the problem that Megan’s emails had presented. The last thing she wanted to do was go back to Dubai; she wasn’t prepared to take the risk.

‘Please, Dru. I’ll just die if you won’t be my bridesmaid.’

A reluctant smile had tugged at her lips as she’d read Megan’s lengthy email. Even though she was a drama queen, Megan had been a great friend to Dru for the two years she’d spent in Dubai. Sam, her fiancé, had been Dru’s colleague on the Ain Dubai project and she’d met Megan the first week she’d arrived in the city. But although they had developed a close friendship, she had only told Megan a little of what had happened; she wasn’t sure that anyone would even believe her. She’d made Megan promise not to mention one word to Sam. Dru had been mortified that she had let things get to the stage they did and Zayed been so jealous of her friendship with Sam and Megan he had even threatened Sam’s job once things began to get nasty. The thought of seeing Zayed again terrified her. She closed her eyes again and pulled the shutter down on those thoughts as her heart skittered up a few beats and the familiar clamminess prickled at her neck. She rolled over and lifted the loose hair from her collar as she picked up the phone and read Megan’s most recent entreaty again:

‘Dru darling, we’ll look out for you. Promise, promise, promise. We won’t leave your side. Oh, please, please, please, Dru. I’ve even found you the most gorgeous cerulean-blue pants suit. It will go so well with your blonde hair and your fair skin. I know you won’t wear a dress and heels…although I don’t know why. You are way too self conscious about your height.

Don’t say no straight away, think about it. PLEEEASE xxx

Email me and tell me when you are off shift and I’ll call. Please be a sweetheart . . . it would mean the world to me. You’ve got two weeks to let me know. How generous am I? Love Megs xxx.’

Megan was burying her hand in the sand to think there’d be no risk if Dru went back to Dubai; it was a problem Dru would sort out later. Now she had a poker game to go to. If there was one thing guaranteed to take her mind off her constant worrying it was a poker game with the guys. Rolling over, she climbed out of bed and grabbed her swimmers and slipped them on before knotting a sarong over the top and tucking her braid into a baseball cap.

Dru was pleased to see she was the only one taking a late swim. The final shards of sunlight were playing on the desert; the scrubby savannah grasslands picked up the yellow hues from the setting sun and the occasional splash of red flowers of the sticky kurrajongs trees glowed brightly against the spinifex grass at the base of the Matsu hills. The Kimberley desert was the opposite to the manmade artificiality of Dubai; she knew where she preferred to be. The warm air caressed her skin as she slipped the sarong off and placed it on one of the chairs with her baseball cap. As she kicked her thongs off and crossed to the diving blocks, the sun set in a golden flash and the sky faded. The evening star appeared as a pinprick in the indigo sky. Blue, golden and white; she’d been fascinated with the stars growing up and she and her sisters had often lain on their backs in the backyard of the family farm in the Territory watching for shooting stars, ignoring Mum’s dire warnings about getting bitten by a snake.

Mosquitoes were the only bites they’d suffered back in those wonderful childhood days. Dru closed her mind and refused to let the memories drift in.

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